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June 18, 2018

2nd Quarterly Meeting of the YEAR!- Food, Training, & Prizes We invite all Property Managers to join the fun!

2016 Beach Front Corporate Dodger Game Event

The BFPM Corporate Dodger Game was a STAR WARS spectactular!

Halloween for the kids at Beach Front Property

BFPM were handing out candy to the children and it was a sweet day.

Kyle Kazan presenting Beach Front End of the Year awards at 2016 Christmas Party!

Beach Front Property Management continues it's growing tradition of property management excellence by awarding employees for accomplishing goals each year.

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Naples Isle Rehab by Beach Front Property Management, Inc

This is a Rehab property work done by Beach Front Property Management in Long Beach, CA. Beach Front is a Premier Property Management Company located in Southern California.



Google Business Reviews

Christina Colomo
Christina Colomo
22:08 12 May 17
Angelica who is the new property manager here at my apt which I moved in a month ago is so professional, respectful and straight forward.. she's a woman of her word, she makes sure every unit is up to par before renting, I always see her involved with the maintenance workers outside.. she also keeps the outside clean herself as well as the laundry room... She responds to inquires in a timely matter, and gets the job done immediately. .. thankful that I ran into her... Since she is hired Under beach front properties, that means beach front properties is doing an amazing job with their management hiring and also responding to her in a timely matter as well! -Your Thankful Tenant
Andrew M
Andrew M
03:05 17 May 17
While looking for an apartment for our family. We came across the property in the city of Paramount. The Manager was very helpful and patient in finding us the right apartment. Angelica has been so helpful and attentive since day one and made sure our unit was complete and updated for us to move in. She made sure our move went smooth and that we were taken care of. She maintains the property and amenities clean and in order. Her services as a manager at this property has been excellent. Beach Front Property Management has acquired an outstanding employee.
David Loredo
David Loredo
03:27 17 May 17
I'm currently a tenant at 13822Arthur Ave in Paramount. Before Angelica took over the building was a HOT mess. Now it's so quiet, Clean and very enjoyable to live in. Whenever I need anything or I have a question she doesn't hesitant to help you. She is very friendly but yet very professional. Always with a smile on her face. I would totally recommend this building if you are currently looking for a new place to call home!!
Todd Robasse
Todd Robasse
02:46 08 Mar 17
Outstanding customer service! We were looking for an apartment for my son and although The San Marcos Village apartments were out of his price range, Liz, the Manager, assisted us in finding an apartment within her sister companies that was in my son's price range. Liz explained the application process throughly and answered all of our questions in a warm friendly manner. It is nice to know that there are still folks like Liz that take pride in their work and go out of their way to make the customer's shopping experience outstanding. My son has decided to stay at home a little longer, but we will definitely work with Beach Front Property Management Inc. when he is ready to move out. Thank you Liz we will recommend you and your company.
LovVya Ollison
LovVya Ollison
21:58 16 May 17
I asked my manager at least two months ago would my rent be increased from $1575.00 per month she assured me NO. Low and behold yesterday she comes and hands me a notice that says my rent will be increased $100 to $1675.00 all she had to say was I apologize for giving you the wrong information. Though this is not her fault, this is unprofessional and unacceptable I should be given more than 30 days to come up with the extra $100 per month. I could see if they raised it $25 or maybe even $50 but to raise it a whole hundred dollars after being told it would not go up is unfair and it sounds illegal to me. I blame upper level management I tried calling them all day today first I was told Marcos was in a meeting then I was told he was on lunch then I was told he was gone and this was after calling more than 10 times. The operators who answered the phone did everything in their power to screen my calls one lady even tried to tell me she had to know why I was calling before she could see if he was available. She could not make it more obvious that she was screening my calls this is unprofessional and I don't recommend anyone live in any units managed by beach front property.
rosa padilla
rosa padilla
20:08 29 Mar 18
I was a tenant at Country Club Apartments in Downey and my manager Christina was the best manager I've ever had. She always was quick to take care of any problems in my apartment and she was always so friendly and caring. My manager now sucks and am seriously thinking of going back to Country Club. Other managers just don't seem to care.
Juliz Ramirez
Juliz Ramirez
04:45 06 Dec 17
It’s coming up on my 1 year anniversary with Beach Front and I’m more than happy with my experience so far. Any time we come across problems, Marlo has been quick to respond and has made sure the problem was resolved. At our old place, the managers would come up with their own “fixes” to save money, but those never worked. No cheap fixes here at Beach Front! Thank goodness. My husband and I are happy and comfortable where we are and are thankful to have such attentive staff!
Juliet Scruggs
Juliet Scruggs
02:36 17 Mar 18
Living at the Pinecrest Apartments has been a poor experience. We took apartment as is, so no new carpet.. no new kitchen.. even found beer cans in cupboards.. but we got $50 a month off our rent so we agreed. We got 3 rent increases and not a single improvement.. We have reached out to Carolyn in upper field and no results. I have a broken garbage disposal since January and now we are in middle of March and no repairs have been done. The water that leaks out is black A D smelly and of course attracts gnats! And I have texts messages back and forth to show my efforts to get this done. The manager eventually stopped replying and resorted to ignoring me. The manager is never on premises to let the maintaince man in and we work. I took days off to sit home and wait for nothing! This company is extremely frustrating and the revolving door of on site managers is absurd. Every 6 months is a new manager and a new waiting list to get on to just get a walk through of repairs needed. Carpet is so torn apart we have to wear slippers to avoid nails in our feet! We pay 1,295.00 and can't seem to get any attention!
20:04 06 Dec 17
I have been a tenant for more than six years with the Beach Front Property Management company at different buildings. I recently moved to Marine Bay Apartments, and I am glad I did. Marlo is a professional and friendly manager. She responds to my questions in a timely matter; I love the fact that I can text her. The building is always clean and quiet. Great job Marlo!!
Ivan Z.
Ivan Z.
18:16 05 Dec 17
As a tenant for over 3 years, our experience with Beach Front Property Management has been excellent. Their corporate team is great and the actual property managers that we have had in the past few years have all been great. Out current manager, Michelle, is always on top of the property's needs as well as the tenants. Thank you Michelle for all your support and in maintaining The Web Apartments a proud place we call our home.
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